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Belco is dedicated to growing premium quality fresh produce in a sustainable environment with the strictest attention to food safety. We strive to foster and build long-term relationships with our global partners, while pursuing continued market penetration through a commitment to quality and value.


We are dedicated to satisfying our customers needs by delivering results that continually exceed their expectations in terms of quality and value.

We show pride and enthusiasm in everything that we do, committing ourselves to delivering an impeccable service and superior quality produce.


Belco is committed to supporting the communities where it works, maintaining and empowering its workforce and protecting the environment.

We also strive to maximize employee longevity, loyalty and productivity through fostering development, improving communication and continuous coaching and mentoring.


Responding to the global market's fast-changing needs, Belco is continually developing and investing in its infrastructure, systems, technological and agricultural capabilities.​

We consider the challenges facing us as opportunities that drives us to show our flexibility and innovation in realigning the business with today's dynamic market.


We act with the highest level of honesty and integrity with all our stakeholders: employees, customers and suppliers.

Belco is committed to communicating openly, honestly and accurately with its business partners.

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